"Through Hatha Yoga the ultimate goal is to know the joy of being truly well, not just physical wellbeing, but to know and exude wellbeing in all dimensions of life."

If I’m interested in learning Isha Hatha Yoga, where do I begin? 

Isha Hatha Yoga is currently taught in 6 different classes (or can be referred to as workshops) called: Upa Yoga, Angamardana, Surya Kriya, Surya Shakti, Yogasanas and Bhuta Shuddhi. You will find explanations of each of these classes under “The Practices” tab. Although all of the practices work on and benefit the mind and body on multiple levels, each individual practice varies in its nature. For example, practices like Angamardana and Surya Shakti are more physical in nature, lending to building more physical strength, fitness and mastery over the body, while practices such as Surya Kriya and Yogasanas are more spiritual and subtle in nature, which can heighten mental focus and clarity and can take one deeper, enhancing an overall perception of one's life. 

*No prior yoga experience is necessary for any of the practices, and there is no specific order in learning the practices that one should follow. It is best to read through the descriptions of each practice and decide which one resonates with you at this time. It is not necessary to learn all of the practices, each practice carries many possible benefits, so it’s up to the individual to decide which areas of their lives they’d like to focus on. Of course, the more practices one chooses to learn supports the possibility of a deeper experience. However, to experience this possibility in its full potential and capacity, consistent daily practice on your own is needed

Learning these Isha Hatha Yoga practices is a very different experience from the common studio-style yoga that most of us are familiar with today. Rather than simply jumping into a studio class and following along, you will receive specific in-depth instructions and explore deeply into the practice and its subtleties so that you have a firm grasp on how to properly perform the practice by its unique and certain method. Then, with this understanding, you will be able to perform the practice individually on your own and incorporate it into your daily life, building on your experience at your own pace. So, this isn’t about attending a temporarily relaxing or challenging yoga class, this is about giving you a tool or a method that you can use in your life consistently which leads to exploring the true depth and dimension of the innumerable benefits that Hatha Yoga can provide.  

So the simple breakdown of the process is:


Choose a particular practice that you are interested in learning. If unsure, feel free to contact Matt for any needed guidance with this.


Learn the practice by scheduling a multiple-session workshop with Matt. The sessions can take place privately in the comfort of your own home, or you can work with Matt to arrange a group class setting, i.e. friends, family, corporate office, etc.


After completing the workshop, be confident and ready to do a daily home practice on your own.


It is recommended to schedule a follow-up corrections session with Matt a few weeks after practicing on your own. This session will ensure that any poor habits you may be unaware of do not develop and the practices continue to be performed properly. With time and refinement of your form, the experience of the practice continues to deepen and more and more benefits can be reaped. Additional support provided by Matt will always be available through phone and email.

Other requirements - 

You will receive details once you register for a class, but here are some common requirements for the sessions: 

You must preform the practice on an empty stomach. This means you leave a 4 hour gap after consuming a full meal -- 4 hours between the end of the meal and the start of the practice. If you have a light snack (fruit, nuts), you leave a 2.5 hour gap. If you have a beverage other than water (coffee, tea), you leave a 1.5 hour gap. 

When hosting the class in your home, office, etc, it is important that there are no distractions or outside disturbances. It is best to ensure all pets, kids, phone calls, etc. are taken care of ahead of time so as not to interrupt the session. Creating the most conducive atmosphere in the space as well as within yourself is a very essential aspect for the transmission of this process. After being inundated with so much in our daily lives, it’s important to clear a space and give time to oneself. This will help one fully imbibe this process which can lead to so many powerful benefits. This distraction-free environment, of course, is also needed when practicing on your own. 

It is recommended to wear loose, comfortable clothing, preferably 100% cotton.

It is best not to drink water or use the bathroom in between the sessions. It would be best to take care of this before and/or after the sessions.

If you have any inquires please reach out to Matt any time.